8747180265_d039a0d292_bBaptism (a.k.a. Christening) is all about promises. We promise a number of things for our children:

  • To set a Christian example for them
  • To pray and worship with them as part of the church
  • To pray for them and encourage them into faith
  • To turn away from the wrong in the world and in ourselves
  • To follow Christ and serve Him as Lord

And God makes promises, too:
In Baptism we celebrate the promise Jesus made to us in His dying and rising:

  • To call us by name and never let us go
  • To set us free from the power sin has over us
  • To walk with us through life as Saviour and Lord
  • To welcome us home – for ever

It is so much more than marking the birth of a child – it’s about the beginning of faith, and how God is at work at the heart of family life. The special preparation booklet provides a good opportunity to revisit some of the elements of faith we might have grown up with, but may have left behind. It’s a chance to say “yes” to God as a family, and take a new step with Him.

We also encourage adults who have come to faith, but not been baptized, to consider Baptism for themselves. If you want to know more about Baptism, please contact either of the clergy team.
Rev Martin Green (01926 613466)