Pastoral Care

Jesus’ ministry was marked by His compassion for those around him. He healed those who were sick, and released those whose lives were blighted by various forms of sickness and spiritual conditions. He dealt with our sin and shame and guilt, and accepted us as His friends. We are called to follow His example today.

At St. Nicholas’, we do this in different ways:

  • Prayer: whether it is praying regularly with the prayer card we issue with all the village needs, or putting a written leaf on the prayer tree, or praying at home or in home groups.
  • On the third Sunday of each month, there is an opportunity to be prayed for by the prayer team during the communion part of the service. Any personal prayer requests are dealt with in strictest confidence.
  • Pastoral Visiting: some are involved in pastoral visiting, spending a little time in tea and chat, and maybe a prayer. We also visit those who are newly bereaved, to love them and encourage them through dark days.

We are happy to take Home Communion to anyone who is unable to come to church.

If you would like a visit please contact:
Helen Robertson (01926 339978)