Praying for Each Other

Martin Luther King said “To be a Christian without prayer, is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Prayer is a key part of our life together.

Picture7On the first Tuesday of the month there is a regular prayer meeting in Church – and we bring the needs of the church, the village, and wider community to ask for God’s help. Don’t feel you have to pray aloud! There are several people who are happy to pray this way – but quiet prayers and support encourage everyone, and some new faces are always very welcome.
We each have a printed prayer card, it is useful to tuck in a Bible, or put on a notice board , so that we can pray for a particular need each day.

In the North West corner of church we have a prayer tree.  Paper leaves are provided on which we can write our prayer requests.  On the third Sunday they are removed and we pray them aloud during the service. Blossoms can be added to the tree when prayers are answered and it’s been a powerful testimony to God’s love as the tree gathers blossom …

If you are new to our Church, and would like a prayer card, or have any particular prayer requests, please talk to:
Helen Robertson (01926 339978)