Up to Date Diary

St Nicholas Church, Radford Semele
Office:- tel 01926 460157
 e-mail:- stnicrs@gmail.com

Cathedral newsletter 

June 22nd    10-12noon Threads

June 24th      10.30am Family Worship

Little SOCS Reunion.
Sunday 1st July at the 10.30am service.
Please put your name in your sock and
whether Gift Aid is applicable.

July 1st        10.30am Holy Communion

July 3rd 9.45am Prayer
………….10.30am Midweek Holy communion

July 8th      10.30am Quality Time

July 11th     10.30-12  Radford Rendevous

July 15th …10.30am Holy Communion

July 20th    10-12noon Threads

July 22nd     10.30am Family Worship

July 29th …..6.00pm Breathing Space